Peace and Blessings and Happy New Moment!

It has been a a matter of fact I have wanted to return to this creation just to give glad tidings on some days, however, I just was not moved to do so. Everyone is traveling  unique and signatured journeys , rarely is there reserved time to a lot for the insights of others on the trail. But, that is where I decided to negotiate with that voice and be in tune with the other which provided the wisdom, that this is necessary for you and necessary for those that read. The time it takes to read, the re-reading of the previous line that sparks the remembrance of a feeling , a smell, a time in your life where our human experience becomes relatable. Attention spans under Catscan so we sleep while alert introverts are now extroverts ,I met Stan Levert on a flight and he autographed my amazing spider man comic book. Yes, From the R&B group “Levert”. Mind you I was a child and anyone I saw on TV was larger than life , not until my later days , I realized that the bigger the light that is casted the smaller the object is crafted. eyes opened registering fame as a target easy to pick apart, rebuild, defile. So we operate in silos and forget the lessons of Masters and reach out for the answer to how? Neglecting the marks on our star bodies that clearly indicate to us that we are the Masters now as we were then. It is a new year aka a new moment , and I appreciate what Orunmila had to say. We larger as a society are more aware of our power to BE. We can manifest who we desire to follow in addition to who will lead us. We can manifest if we desire to be rich or poor. We can manifest if we desire to be healthy or unhealthy. Just as we can manifest if we desire to be fortunate or unfortunate. The further we move forward we must’nt forget to reach back, you can assist however, be mindful of traps intended for you to relapse and as a result of emotions (energy in motion) all you worked for collapse. Acts of faith can open visible as well as invisible doors. Just because you start at the entrance does not mean you are not already at the top floor. Some have to work their way down , while others have to work their way up. The balance is a middle path bitter-sweet as life is restarted as the lava purifies the land when the silent volcano erupts.

Ache Aganju Shola kini iba koso aga niyu itagua mojuba gadawa

-Kareem Idris



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Free for(m) Journal Entry no.1


Monday ( Eleggua’s day of the week)
21-Eleggua’s number/ 21 savage(s) ( there are much more many roads of Eleggua than that) however, Eleggua can be a savage, a primal one at that likes,to see knife fights , car wrecks, shootouts, and humans waging carnage against and upon themselves in the streets.
Eleggua- Orisha of the crossroads, making decisions, being provided with options, gateways, orifices on the human body
Open/closed roads – light travels and is blocked / impediment in the way
Sun  blocked by Moon – Egun reference, they are telling you something,  how good is your relationship with them to be able to decipher the message coming through? When was the last time you spoke their name? Or lit a candle in their memory? The moon blocking the sun ( darkness blocking the light, so we create light )( for those in darkness, i.e. family that we forgot about)
Ire (light) covered by Osogbo ( dark)
Don’t look up – get those heads out of the clouds and instead of looking for new information , revisit and observe the still existing wisdom undigested.  What is the project that you haven’t finished?Get a massage for that neck that should not lean back looking at the sun. The head is everything, and Obatala is in charge of it.
Special glasses that cover the orifice’s (eyes)= different way of looking at things ( use your imagination here)
Traffic to watch light covered by darkness ( people made it into a road trip to bear witness, where can they go now,  The first shall be last and the last shall be first. The people rise in support of you or gather to defame you.
Quickening – this is when X- men arise and are discovered
We won’t be speaking about planets simultaneously  in retrograde
– Kareem Idris

EBBO META and its necessity

After the iyawo completes his/ her year in white, the iyawo is met with the challenge of feeding his/ her Orishas, and listening for with anticipation to what the Orisha have to say regarding his / her destiny. This information can be a warning, a glad tiding of a job well done , or a myriad of things to prepare the iyawo for life on his/her own as a functioning priest. This is a powerful moment for the priest, because the information that is received is added to the prior information provided by the Orisha on day of the iyawo’s Ita during the Kariocha (Ocha) ceremony. 

It is an agreement and a spiritual contract with the seriousness of life and death, of progression and regression, including every and all dichotomy of opposites and results that are not confined to finite perspectives of benefit and detriment. You only make Ocha once. You are a iyawo more than once. We ask Olofi to make us from those who always honor and revere the process of The iyaworate,  Ocha, and the Ebbo Meta. May these rites of passage and processes of initiation remain pure and never be compromised for agendas seeking to defile, pollute, water down, exploit,  destroy, spiritually bankrupt,or misrepresent.

Ibaye baye n’to run

Ibaye gbogbo Egun

Maferefun gbogbo Orisha

– Kareem Idris

“Keep your Head Clean”

Water is your friend in so many facets , that it would be too exhaustive to even attempt listing them. The one benefit I choose to focus on here  is its  cooling of the head. When angry POUR cold water on your head and I would even go further to suggest the back of the neck.

This ebbo for stress and anger enables one to be relieved of the pressure to the head while the influence of these Orisha who work with fire (Ogun, Sango, Aganju), is cooled down to bring relief.

After pouring omi (water) on the head, I recommend a clean white scarf/ clean white fabric that is able to wrap around  the head to be placed. The color white which is associated with Obatala will bring a calming and tranquil effect to the head in need. To maintain this state, I recommend aromatherapy via the burning of a favorite oil, incense, bark , resin or plant that brings happy and uplifting feelings of joy!

A song that adds a nice touch to the completion of this ebbo i have learned through my experience is ,”Happy Feelings”, by Frankie Beverly and Maze.
In retrospect, I now over stand the hadeeth that recommends making wudhu when angry and when awaking in the morning to make the salat (Prayer). The water removes the feeling of anger and removes the knots on a believers head that makes him too sleepy to implement the salat.

Respect, Honor, and Cherish Water!

Thank you Olodumare for Water!

– iyawo

“The Wearing of White” Part 1

The wearing of the color white has enabled me to specifically work on myself while working with others. Remaining clean has been a challenge where even when I perceived myself to be in control of my remaining clean, outside forces presented themselves to prove that my application of wearing white is not a solely physical experience. The careful scrutiny involved in selecting a seat and standing out in a crowd are a few of the experiences I received wearing this sacred color on a daily and continuous basis. My wearing white has by default created relationships with total strangers who see me out and about that have identifield me as Iyawo, Man in White, Mr. CLEAN, and Cocaina!

There is a coolness that is felt with white . It repels negativity and symbolizes spiritual purging, sanctity, and  testament of belief.

– iyawo

“The Circular Movements of Lessons”


As a child, my mother would take me to church and I would listen intently as members of the congregation would stand and give a testimony.

Of course, as a child the importance of this ritual that I was experiencing did not bloom in my consciousness until years later , when I came into the knowledge of releasing thoughts that we have grown from into the atmosphere.

As a child I thought to myself, “Wow”! That is really embarassing !, or , “There is no way I would divulge that information to total strangers!

However, the act in itself was serving as a banishing ritual to rid the conveyer of the testimony from the desire to hold on to the trial, trauma, experience, or insperience. It is freeing and removes one from bondage of the tribulation. The testimony , or the removing of the veil , provides spaces for new lessons to take form. Holding on to the tribulation creates a dependency for not only the feeling associated with the tribulation but also a slave to the circumstances that accompany the tribulation.

There are those that built their entire lives around this stagnant energy and even though we change some of the variables the root of the matter is able to thrive and acquire new bodies and expressions.

The example of this dynamic can be illustrated through the attracting of the same type of relationships, jobs, responses from people , and failure to progress , or courage to embark upon something new.

Lessons move in circles , they are not linear. In fact if lessons were linear we would not be able to obtain maximum benefit because of our falling victim to a forward continuum which operates alone in a silo, as opposed to circular movement encompassing the past, present, and the future with our ancestors  providing support from the back of us.

May Circular thinking enable us to create and recapture tools for enlightenment and more effective ways of communication!